Would you like to -

- Speak to friends and family online, or learn how to use the
internet for news, information, shopping etc?

- Learn very basic computer tasks?
We are there to help you achieve this, and more.

We won’t baffle you with techno speak - we also understand that
patience is the key.
Our aim is simple:
To help complete novices enjoy the internet, and operate a computer for basic tasks.
Whatever your level of understanding, we want to help. Our friendly staff will visit you in your own home, and help guide you
step by step.
Our small team are vetted, trained, carry identity cards, and are registered with West Midlands Police for your safety.
Silver Surfers Training CIC
Community Interest Company
Registered in England & Wales
Company Reg: 9783377
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Silver Surfers - Computer classes for novices in Birmingham and Malvern area

Free 6 week computer course at your local library
Call us today to book - 01684 893 704
Setting up and turning on your computer
Using the internet for simple tasks
Setting up your own email address
Speak to friends and relatives online
Basic computer skills
Offer advice and help with any issues
Help choosing your equipment
Supply & install equipment
1 to 1 tuition in your own home
More advanced help & training
Local Classes & Courses also available
Tel - 01684 893 704 Email: admin@silver-surfer.co.uk
Community Interest Company 9783377