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My name is Bill, and I run a small Community Interest Company, based in Worcestershire, specifically delivering training and skill

development programs for the over 55's.


Our aim is to provide a computer support service and provide basic tuition to the over 55's.


Our prime objective is to train absolute beginners to use computers for basic tasks, in order to help improve quality of life for

this age group going forward into retirement.

We also offer computer repair and laptop repair services in Malvern, Ledbury, Upton and surrounding areas.


Our operating objectives are:


- To promote social cohesion within the community and beyond

- To facilitate and enhance communication links with family and friends, with the use of email, the internet and services such as Skype, helping to avoid social isolation.

We will be running computer classes for beginners in Malvern, and in other venues across Worcestershire from September 2021, all being well.

We will also be providing online courses, and will continue to add free video tutorial for you, so please check out the Video and Guides Section. New content added weekly.

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Silver Surfers Recommend:


I heard about the Silver Surfers courses through the library. Bill taught me a lot completely from scratch, I had no idea at all

how to do this when I started. Now I can go online to check my premium bonds, investments, search for the best offers and

a lot more. For example I can now go online and download music, which I would never have thought about before the


C Traherne


I found out about the Silver Surfer computer courses through an advert in a local Malvern magazine and contacted the phone

number. I found the sessions were very informative, even though I already had some knowledge of computers, I learned quite

a bit more, which was all very helpful to me. I use my computer for internet use, for emails and using Skype.

D Ferrett


I found out about the Silver Surfers courses through an advert in the Worcester Evening News. I was desperate to have

some more help because I didn’t know anything at all about computers, so I phoned the number and applied. They called

back the next day and arranged a place for me on one of the courses.


We covered a lot of areas, and I had a couple of longer sessions with Bill on my own. I have never in my life before touched a

laptop or a computer. Since my husband died, many people have been telling me to start using the internet and now I can

use my laptop at home.

G Venables


I attended a course at the Malvern Cube, and thought it was very helpful. I have also been using the Guides on the website as they suggested, and find the basics have become much easier to grasp.

M Yardley

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