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How to Change Your Desktop Background

By default, Windows chooses a standard background image for you.

But wouldn't it be nice to change it for something more exciting, or for one of your own photographs of the kids?

Well you can, and it's easy to do.

Here's how, check the video out below.

How To Change Your Desktop Background Video

Changing your desktop background is easy to do.

Windows 10 comes pre-installed with a few desktop backgrounds, such as the one above.

To change your background, put your pointer anywhere on the desktop (away from any desktop icons) and RIGHT click once.

This will open up a menu. You then want to put the pointer on the Personalize option, and left click once.

You will now see the background options appear.

There should be some pictures available to select. if there aren't, there is a little 'drop down menu' where you can change between Solid Colour, Slideshow or Picture. 


Make sure you select Picture, and the available background images will appear.

If you want to upload your image or photo, that's easy to do too, but you will already need to have the photo or image on your PC in order to select it.

If you have, then click on the "Browse" button just underneath, and you will then be able to locate your image from your computers File Explorer.


Your desired photo or image will most likely be in the "Pictures" folder, so try and locate that from the left hand file menu, select it, and then click on the "Choose Picture" option to change your background.

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