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Check For The Windows 11 OS Update

Checking and installing Windows 11 couldn't be easier.

If you haven't already been prompted to upgrade, then follow the video below to check.

Even if your computer isn't capable of upgrading to Windows 11, then all is not lost. You may still be able to upgrade with what is known as a 'clean Install'. 

This is a more advanced task, please call me to discuss your options.

How to Upgrade to Windows 11

And there's further info here if you need it..

As of Autumn 2021 (as I'm writing this), upgrading to Windows 11 from "Update" in your Settings is available to all computers with the correct specification.

If your Windows 10 computer is less than 5 years old, then chances are you're good to go. If your computer is a little older, you may have to check.

To kick things off follow these instructions:

1. Take your pointer down to your Search Box (bottom left corner) and left click in to it.


(or right click on your Home Button (bottom left) and left click on Search)

2. Type in "Update"

3. Select "Check For Updates" when it appear in the Start Menu, at the top.

4. When Windows Update opens up in Settings, you may already see a message about Windows 11 Availability.

If not, click on Check For Updates, and (if your computer is online) this should search online for any available updates.

This should then provide a message about Windows 11 availability.

If your Windows 11 Message is present, and it tells you that your computer is eligible for the upgrade, then you can simply click on Download and install Windows 11, and your computer will automatically install it for you.

Now, there's no need to panic about the upgrade -


Your PC will keep all of your files, documents, photos, music, videos, apps  etc etc, just as they were before, in all of the places you had them before, so don't worry about the upgrade changing everything on your computer - It will still be the same.

The new Operating System looks pretty much like Windows 10, so if you are familiar with Windows 10, then you'll manage just fine with Windows 11.

My advice is to go ahead and upgrade while its easy to do, and more importantly, while its free!

If you don't get the Download and Install Windows 11 Message -

The chances are your computer isn't ready for Windows 11. But if you wanted to check, then you can watch my second video above, or you can use Microsoft's Compatibility Checking Tool through the Update Settings page.

Personally, I have managed to upgrade computers that haven't been eligible, by doing a "Clean Installation".

Click here to see How To Perform A Clean Installation Of Windows 11, or you can contact me and I can install it for you if you live in the Malvern area.

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