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How To Check Your PC's Security Status

With online security becoming more and more important, you need to know a little bit about keeping your computer safe and secure.

If you are completely in the dark about it, the first place to start is checking your computers security status.

Follow the video below to find out..

How To Check your Computers Security Status Video

To check the security status of your computer, take your pointer down to the search box, and left click in to it.

Type in "Security". 

When the Windows Security app appears in the menu at the top, left click on to it, to open it up.

When you get to the "Security At A Glance" page, you can see some detailed information about what's going on with your PC's security.

If you have green ticks across all sections of the app, you are protected.

For more information about the exact nature of your Anti Virus protection, click on the "Virus & Threat Protection" section.

This will then tell you whether you are protected by Windows 10, or by a 3rd party Anti Virus program.

For more information about further protection, see our "Which Antivirus Software Should I Use" video page.

Further information can be seen below regarding 3rd party Anti Virus Programs, with links to Amazon's website.



Avast Anti Virus is one of the most resource-light tools available, check it out here.



Powerful Protection, Norton offer top of the range security services



Kaspersky Internet Security offers excellent protection for all of your devices. Check it out here.

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