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Can My PC Be Upgraded To Windows 10?

Not all computers are capable of being upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 (or other Operating System). You will need to meet some minimum specifications first, otherwise the upgrade will not work.

Watch this quick explainer video, and check your specs.

Can My Computer Be Upgraded To Windows 10?

Older computers and laptops may not be able to be upgraded to Windows 10, so it's worth checking a couple of things first.

The main obstacles to an upgrade are your computers RAM, the size of your hard drive, and your processor / graphics card..

Also, some older computers may not have other hardware that is supported by the latest operating system.

Follow the video to check the basics.

It is safe to attempt an upgrade even if your computer doesn't meet the requirements, so don't fret over whether you think it will cause problems.


If the computer is not capable of the upgrade, the Windows Installer tool will revert you back to your original Operating System (ie Windows 7), with no changes made.

For more information click on How To Upgrade to Windows 10 For Free.

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