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How To Add Extra RAM To Your Laptop

If your computer is running slowly even after having your PC serviced, then you may need extra RAM (a type of memory).

It is short term memory that your computer uses to store information that it needs to run the tasks you undertake on your PC.

With Windows 10, you really need 4GB (Gigabytes) of RAM at least. We recommend having 8GB or more these days, for a smooth computer desktop experience.

The video below gives you an idea of what's involved in increasing your laptop RAM, with more of an explanation underneath it.

But if your computer is running slow, call us first and Arrange a PC Service (£45), or why not try our Speed My PC Servicing Tool?

How To Add Extra RAM To Your Laptop Video 

This video is for laptop users only. If you have a desktop computer, you may need more experience with replacing or upgrading your RAM. 

Laptops will need the back opening up to add your extra RAM module. Many laptops have an easy-to-remove back case, which makes upgrading your RAM easy to do.


However, other laptops may involve having to get the casing apart, and remove the keyboard and other peripherals. This involves more experience, and should only really be done using anti static grounding.

If you call us with your exact laptop model, we can find out more information about which RAM you need.

There is also a great website called "Mr Memory". 

If you use their "SCAN NOW" tool, it will tell you which RAM you have, the maximum amount you can install, and what type you need.

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