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How To Check For Updates

It is important to periodically check to make sure your computer is receiving updates.

If you are still using Windows 7 or 8, you need to upgrade to Windows 10, see my How To Upgrade To Windows 10 Video.

If you are using Windows 10, then follow the video below to make sure your computer is updating. If you have problems and your computer hangs when trying to update, then check out my Windows 10 Update Troubleshooting Video.

How To Check For The Latest Windows 10 Updates Video

Checking for updates is something you need to do every few weeks. Windows should be installing them for you, but you may find every now and again you need to manually check.

Using the search box, bottom left hand corner, type in "Updates".

When the "Check For Updates" setting appears in the menu, left click on to it.

Once the Update Setting has opened up, click on "Check For Updates", if the option is there.


You may find the computer has already started to check for updates, in which case you will see little grey dots moving from left to right, as Windows scurries off to the internet to try and find the latest updates.

If so, leave it for a few minutes, and come back and check later. If updates have been found, your PC should start to download and install them automatically.

If you come back later - a LOT later, and the dots are still moving with no sign of any updates - leave for a bit longer.

Give it a few hours. If there is still no sign of any forthcoming updates, you may have a problem. You need to address it right away.

At this point, see out video about Troubleshooting Updates for Beginners.

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