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How To Remove Unwanted Apps & Programs

From time to time, your computer will accumulate unwanted apps and programs, or you may want to remove an app or program you no longer have use for.

These programs take up room on your hard drive, and some may even have malicious intent.

It is useful to periodically check to see if there is anything that you want to remove. Check out the video, and we'll show you how.

How To Remove Unwanted Apps & Programs Video

If there are apps and programs that you see in the list that you are unsure about, then we recommend doing a Google search to find out more information about them.

If you are unsure, then leave the Microsoft apps alone, but otherwise, it is generally safe to remove anything from the list of apps and programs, if you don't use them.

Go down to the search box, and type in "Remove".

When "Add & Remove Programs" appears in the menu, left click on to it.

Apps And Features will appear in Settings, and the list of Apps will populate itself underneath. It can sometimes take a couple of minutes with slower computers, before all the Apps are loaded in.

They will be arranged in alphabetical order. You can change this, and have them listed in date order if that's easier for you, by selecting "Sort By", and changing the criteria.

Go through the list, and if there's anything you don't want, left click on to it, and select "Uninstall".

The removal process will then begin!

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