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How To Scan & Check For Viruses

As a computer beginner, computer security can be a real area of concern.

Windows 10 should by default, be protected with its own built in Security, which is adequate. 

Windows should perform scans automatically, but it is best to manually check aswell. I'll show you 2 methods of scanning for viruses and malware, one with your built in AV (AntiVirus) and one with the built in MRT (Malware Removal Tool)



If you want to upgrade and further protect your computer, see my video about Which Anti Virus Tool to use.

If you think your computer needs a deeper scan for viruses, or are concerned that you may have an infected computer, please call to discuss.

How To Scan For Viruses Using Windows 10 Security Video

If you are unsure whether you have an AntiVirus Program running on your computer, take the time to check now, with our video.

Manually initiate a scan right away, and using the MRT tool to scan for other Malware (Malicious Software)

Use your Search box to type in "Security", to open up the Windows Security App.

Once the app opens, you should be able to see if Windows 10 is protecting you, or whether you have a 3rd party app, such as AVG or Avast protecting your computer.

Here, you really want to see 'Green Ticks' across all areas of security. If there are any areas that aren't ticked green, they need your attention.

But the main area of concern is Virus & Protection. Also, click on Firewall, and make sure that your Firewall is switched on. If not, it needs switching on immediately. Click on it and activate it right now. Your computer is unsafe with it switched off.

Whether Windows 10 or a 3rd party app is protecting you, click on to your Anti Virus options, and manually run a full scan right away.

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