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How to Set Up A Wireless Printer - WPS

One of the most common requests we receive is regarding printer set up.

Most new printers have a WPS button (Wifi Protected Set Up) making connecting easier - the push of a button in fact.

However, there is still a bit of a process involved, explained below.

How To Set up Your Printer Using WPS Button Video

Setting up a printer is much easier with Windows 10 than it used to be with previous versions.

But it will still involve getting the printer set up on your little home network - your computer, your printer and your ROUTER (the little black box from your Internet Provider)

You need to press the Wifi or WPS button on your printer, and then within 30 seconds, press the WPS button on your Router (should be on the side of the router. Doing this should automatically synchronise the devices together, ready for use.

Once these 2 devices are connected, you can then go to your computer, and finish off the set up there.

You will need to type in "Add Printer" into the search box, and from there, you can install the software, which is downloaded from he internet.

If you don't have a printer with a WIFI or WPS button, but instead have an LCD display with touchscreen, you will have to type the password in from the back of your router. See our other videos for a description of how to do this.

Otherwise, watch the video above and follow the steps.

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