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How To Troubleshoot Your Wifi Connection

If you haven't got an internet connection, we're guessing you're viewing this on another network!

However, we thought we would just show you a really basic method of checking and repairing your wifi signal. It's worth keeping this quick fix in mind for future reference.

How To Troubleshoot Your Wifi Connection

Using Windows 10 Troubleshooting facility is a godsend when it comes to issues like wireless connectivity.

Windows is good at searching your computer for problems and fixes, and 90% of the time, it will automatically resolve the issue for you.

Check out the video, and consign it to memory for future problems.

It is also worth switching your router (the little black box) off and back on again, as this can very often solve many wireless connectivity issues.

Otherwise, you can use the Windows Troubleshooter to automatically check and repair your Wifi problems.

Take your pointer down to the Search Box, click in to it, and type "Troubleshoot".

When "Troubleshoot Settings" appears in the menu, left click on to it.

When the Troubleshooting window opens up, scroll down to "Additional Troubleshooters", and click on to the link.

You will now see the "Internet Connections" option. Click on to it, and let Windows take a look at the problem.


It should automatically make repairs to any issue it can find.

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