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How to Find Documents & Photographs

This video shows you how to find files on your computer.

We are going to use "File Explorer", the little yellow folder which is found at the bottom of your desktop, on the 'Taskbar'.

This can be clicked on once, and you can then access files, photos, documents, music, videos etc.

If the yellow folder isn't present on your desktop, see the second video below, on How to Find File Explorer.

How To Find Documents & Photographs On Your Laptop  Video

Very early on in your learning, you should be practising how to find files on your computer.

It is a skill that you will come back to again and again, and is a great way of learning how to navigate your way around.

When you first start using your computer, you probably won't have many documents, photographs, music or videos (probably none)

But you soon will! If nothing else, you may want to write or copy certain documents or letters using Word or Wordpad (see other tutorials) and be able to find them or print them out.

You may also want to store photos on your computer from your phone, tablet or camera.

To get started take a look at the video above, and if you can't find File Explorer, see the video below.

How To Find File Explorer If It Has Disappeared Video

File Explorer can sometimes disappear from the taskbar, which can be annoying.

However, it shouldn't be difficult to find it and put it back on the taskbar.

At the very least, you can put your pointer into the search box and type in File Explorer, and it will appear in the menu. This video shows you how to locate and stick it back onto the taskbar.

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