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How To Find Things on Your PC

Using The Search Box

Knowing how to find your way around your computer is essential. Clicking and pointing is paramount, see our ('Left Click or rick Click' video for more on that).

You need to know how to use the Search Box, which is normally found in the bottom left hand corner of your desktop.

The following video will teach you about this, and how to find the search box if it is missing.

How To Use The Search Box Facility on Windows 10

The search box is a fundamental of Windows 10, and learning how to use it will enhance your experience, and enable you to find things on your computer, such as files, photos, documents, music, troubleshooting, security status and much much more.

It all starts off with a search. 

The search box should be present on your desktop next to the Start button, right in the bottom left hand corner.

The Search Box is the white space next to it, and you can put your pointer in to it, and left click once. 

This then activates the Search Box, and you can then type anything you want into it!

If the search box isn't there, see if there is a little magnifying class present. if there is, this can be clicked on, and a search box will appear.

Otherwise, RIGHT click on to the Start Button (the white symbol in the very bottom left hand corner of your desktop), and a menu will appear. You can see the 'Search' option appear near the bottom, and you can then left click on to it, and start a search.

You can literally type anything into the search box. Try it!

It can be used to find things on your computer, access apps, settings and files on your computer, and if you are connected to the internet, you can search for anything on the internet there too.

Try it out! Don't be shy, feel free to type anything, such as "weather", "news", "train times", or search for things like "documents". "photos", "about" (to see about your PC), the list is endless. (no need to type in the speech marks, just the words)

Get to know your computer a little bit, and also don't forget to watch the video above.

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