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How to Use The Start Button and Menu

The Start button, along with the Start Menu, is the gateway to your PC and Windows 10.

It is absolutely integral and essential to your learning, so become familiar with the power of what it can do.

Watch the video, and practise clicking on the different apps and menus, don't be scared, just have fun with it.

How To Use The Start Button on Windows 10  Video

Clicking on the Start Button opens up the Start Menu.

From here, you can shut the computer down PROPERLY, restart after doing updates for example, or put to sleep if you want to pop down the shops.

But it also allow you to access everything on your computer, one way or another.

You can access your documents and photographs (Pictures), and scroll through an A - Z of Apps on your PC.

The Start Menu is much more interesting than  the previous Windows 7 menu, and has built on the 'tile - style' look of Windows 8.

This is particularly useful if you have a touch screen laptop or monitor, and eventually, more of us will have touch screens. The tiles make it easy just to put your finger on them to use.

The tiles are also customisable, you can pin apps and desktop icons to it if you want, and likewise can remove them.

Become familiar with the Start Menu, you will use it a lot in the future.

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