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How to Use The Taskbar in Windows 10

The Taskbar on your computer desktop is probably the most important feature of Windows, along with the Start Menu.

It contains the search box, your browser (for launching you on to the internet), File Explorer and the system tray.

There are also other important icons along the bottom, we'll talk you through them in this simple explainer video.

How To Use The Taskbar On Windows 10 Video

The beauty of the taskbar is that anything you click on to activate, whether its your Edge or Chrome browser (see other vids) or you want to access your files using File Explorer, you only need ONE CLICK to launch them.

Whereas your desktop icons (lined up on the left), always need a double left click, which can be annoying, especially if you are using a touchpad on a laptop instead of a proper mouse.

Desktop icons can be dragged down and attached to the taskbar, by left clicking on the desired icon, holding the left click button down, and dragging it down to the required position on the taskbar.

We recommend you do this for any website or apps that you are going to use a lot, like email, favourite websites etc.

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