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Left Click or Right Click?

We go right back to basics in this video. Do I left click on my mouse or touchpad, or do I right click?

What's a double click?? Left click once on the video below, and all will be explained..

When to left or right click with your mouse - video

Everything you do with Windows involves placing your pointer on the screen using either a mouse, or if you have a laptop, a touchpad.

But when do you left click or (tap once), and when do you right click? Perhaps you didn't even realise there was a difference?

Almost everything you do with your mouse or touchpad involves 1 LEFT CLICK. That is to say, about 95%+ of the time.

Normally a mouse will have a distinct divide between the left click and right click buttons, so if you've got a mouse, just take a quick look right now, and make yourself aware of the 2 buttons, normally situated either side of the 'scroll wheel' in the middle.

If you're using a touchpad on a laptop, very often there is no obvious way of knowing where the left and the right are.

If this is the case, then put your finger as far left as possible on the touchpad for a left click, and as far right as you can to perform a right click.

So.. moving your pointer around the screen, placing the pointer onto an object, link or icon, is the modus operandi of Windows.

1 left click will normally activate a website link, or open an app on your PC.

2 left clicks are needed to open up a Desktop Icon, or an item in a Folder.

1 Right click, (which you will hardly ever need to use to start with) will always open up a menu, showing more options available to you (which you then have to LEFT click on).

Confusing? Watch our quick explainer video above, and get practicing!

Need a Mouse for your Laptop?

If you have a laptop, and are currently just using the built in touchpad, you may want to think about buying a mouse.

It simply plugs into the side of your laptop, into one of the standard USB ports that all laptops have, and it will make your life a whole lot easier.

Check out our mouse recommendations below, wired are cheaper, wireless are free from wires, but will need a couple of standard batteries

1 (2).png


HP wireless USB mouse, with optical sensor

1 (1).png



Wired mice should not be dismissed! 

Nice and easy to use, no batteries required



Logitech have given us this high end ergonomic mouse, with a great feel

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