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Online Computer Course for Absolute Beginners - Watch Today!

How to use a computer or laptop for absolute beginners. 6 Videos (over 1 hour running total), access by email delivery.

The course is designed for anyone around the world who can speak English, with no previous computer experience.


We will be using Windows 10, the worlds most popular operating system, with nearly 80% of the worlds computers using it today.

Our online computer course for beginners will guide you through Windows 10 for the first time.

If you have a friend or relative that you think may benefit from this course, or are a volunteer helping the elderly in the community, then we recommend sitting them down comfortably in front of a computer and helping them to go through the video lessons.

We will take you by the hand and guide you through the basics of Windows 10, including:

1. How to turn your computer on and off.

2. What is the internet?

3. What is a desktop computer, laptop, tablet?

4. Why might I want to use a computer?

5. How to use a mouse and keyboard

6. The Basics of Windows 10

7. How to use the internet for basic tasks. YouTube, News, Travel, Local Information & Services, Shopping Online

8. Browsers & Search Engines

9. The Desktop, and how to use it

10. How to Use Email

11. Practising with websites

12. Internet Security Basics


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