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How To Install Norton Antivirus

If you haven't checked your security status (see our video on how to check), you are most likely using Windows 10 Security built in software.

There are a whole range of security tools on the market, some of them free, such as AVAST, which you can see how to install here.

But for the more security conscious of you out there, it really is worth paying a small fee to make sure that your computer is ultra -secure.

If you want peace of mind, then we recommend that your starting point should be to install Norton 360 Deluxe.

It offers Multiple Layers of Protection including:

1. Real Time Threat Protection

2. Smart Firewall

3. Secure VPN (allows you to browse securely and anonymously)

4. Password Manager

5. Protection for upto 5 devices (inc tablets / phones0

It is also PC Mags Editors Choice (2023), but be aware that although the we think the price tag is a bargain for 1 year, the price may go up for subscriptions running beyond 1 year, so check the details  upon sign-up.

You can see Norton 360 Deluxe features and Sign up here -

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