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Which Version Of Windows Am I Running?

You need to know which version of Windows you have. You are most likely using Windows 10 if your computer is fairly new, but if you want to check , this video shows you how to do it.

If you version of Windows is older than 10, you need to upgrade, for Security reasons. We've got another video showing you How To Upgrade to Windows 10

If it looks too complicated, we can do it for you.

Which Version of Windows Have I Got Video

In order to find out which version of Windows you have, you will need to use the search box, which is the little white box in the bottom left hand corner.

If you are not sure about what this is, or where it is, click here to see our video on "How To Use The Search Box"

You can then use the search box to type in "about" (no need for capital letters), and this will bring up basic information about your computer, in your System Settings.

Give it a try, and see more information about your PC, such as which version of Windows you have.


You will also see how much RAM you have. RAM is a type of memory - the bigger the number the better your computer experience will be (preferably more than 4 Gigabytes or 4GB) and what kind of Processor your computer has.

If you have 4GB or less, you really need to think about adding additional RAM. 8GB or more, and your computer will start to feel lightning fast.

It can be bought from the internet, and added into your machine. See our video about "How to add extra RAM", or we can do it for you.

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